Our firm which established in 2014 aiming just to provide you a chance in order to allow to live your dream vacation in Turkey’s well-known or  undiscovered locations at the distinguished villas, apartments , mountain huts and farmhouse. And our firm which is the leader mediating Villa and Apartment Rental Company in Turkey, has a portfolio of Turkey’s largest and most exclusive villas and rental apartments, today.  

BG Villa offers holiday options that have been specially selected and tailored to our criteria in line with our directives, while providing you with the delivery of the villas and apartments we rented and the perfect service that you can reach 24/7.

Among our services, options such as airport transfer, airport delivery, and car rental, Private Chef, Caretaker, Cleaner and Private Guide are offered professionally according to your requests.

You can choose your villa from our site to live the Holiday of your dreams, or you can experience an unforgettable holiday pleasure in the holiday home we recommend by telling us what kind of residence you want to have a holiday in….

Within the regions where it operates; Our Company, which provides professional services in matters such as villa rental, housing and land sales, continues to grow by valuing customer comments. From the first day of its establishment until the end of 2019, our company has provided villa rental services to 112,381 people and continues to expand its service network and portfolio day by day thanks to its quality service, and offers you the renting of houses with only high quality and certain standards.

As bgvilla.co team,  our largest mission is being a globally known Turkish company offering real reliable service in place and smoothly and is to prevent the virtual holiday web sites that deceive  the customers without  having any activity and   financial responsibilities in Turkey only engaged in marketing through the website.

 BG Tourism has been giving services with a staff team average of 20-25 at our offices, with license number 12895 and subject to Turkey Travel Agents Association (TÜRSAB).

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