Nevşehir is located in the Cappadocia Region. The production of the Region by Strabon is given as the Taurus Mountains in the south, Aksaray in the west, Malatya in the east and the Eastern Black Sea Region in the north. Today, what is meant by the Cappadocia Region is the geographical area from Nevşehir, Aksaray, Kayseri, Niğde and Kırşehir provinces (Gülyaz, 2006, p.132).


It is thought that Katpatuka, a Cappadocian type, translated by the Iranians, is the pronunciation of Helene in the mouth and Katpatuka is the Khepat-ukh evaluation in the Hurri language. According to this view, Khepat is the chief god of the region, and Khepat-ukh, "The Land of Khepat" comes from the information.


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Mahzen Cave Villa
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